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Assignment of Network Design Implementation

This report is to outline the problems in current network environment of College and proposes the implementation of new network environment including advantages of new networking. The most important problem identified in the current network environment is lack of structurized LAN. LAN (Local Area Network) provides utmost computer networking in relatively small area. The purpose of LAN is to build connection among many computers which are located near to each other so that they could share information like files, data and also create hardware network. LAN structure can be further expanded to connect all LAN structure into single LASN through telephone lines or other wireless device. The connection of LAN into single network is called WAN (Wide Area Network). In a college campus there is immense importance of having LAN structure as it provides opportunity to share same resources and data equally for everyone who has access approval for authority. Having identified the major problem with the current networking environment there is need to build a LAN structure. The following part of the report addresses the advantages of implementing LAN structure in college campus. Buy academic writing help  from experts.

Advantages of LAN

The first most advantage of using LAN is easy resources sharing. This resource sharing may include software, printers, Internet and domain controller. By building LAN structure, software applications and file can be shared easily which saves precious time to install or using floppies to transfer software over and over again. Other advantage of LAN structure is the printer facility to any computer system. In network environment printer is shared by all computer systems and by selecting the printer data can easily be printed. With the widespread internet use, Internet has become remarkably important need of educational institution. Considering significance of Internet, by using LAN structure educational institutions can share the Internet and it can be done through combining all computers by a router or access point.  In addition, LAN provides opportunity to share domain control with specific persons. Through sharing domain controller authentication, logging and network security can be used from more than one operating system. The utmost sharing of resources leads to Centralization of resources and such built design increases efficiency of network in many ways: Dedicated File Server: Through internally built server student data and information can be located at central point from where authenticated individuals can access the data.  Redundancy: In case of problem with one system for accessing data can be avoided by using another system because data is stored at the central location which makes data secured. Data Recovery: With central storage location data saved provides back up to them as they are located at the central location. If any data or file deleted by mistake it can easily be recovered from central location. You can order dissertation online.

Network Typology for College

The Star networking typology is chosen for college. Star network is the most common of all computer network typologies and also considered as the simplest one. Star networking enables to connect all computer system with single hub or central unit which acts as central channel to transmit messages and providing authentications. The reason of choosing this typology is that it is simplest structure without any complications and easily built. Moreover, it provides a better performance and its connection with central location increases its capacity of connecting to other devices. There are some advantages of using Star typology such as it is easy to install and wire, there is no disruption to the network when connecting or removing other device and it is easy to detect fault to remove device. The common cable used for Start typology is Twisted Pair Fiber and common protocol is Ethernet. Through this typology central server switches data around the network and data flows between the server and the nodes (Stallings, 1990). Get help in education assignment writing by Assignment Service UK

To build wired star typology design the Twisted Pair Fiber will be used of BrightEye 10 Optical / SDI to Analog / SDI Converter. Ethernet chosen is D-Link DGS-1005G 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch.

The design structure of Star typology is divided into three for the convenience related to access authentications. It is divided as administration, staff and students. Under this star typology design administration and staff will be connected with central location while student network will be designed under staff and administration network. Buy top essay writing service in UK

In order to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of networking Microsoft XP Pro Full Version will be installed. The reason to install Microsoft XP Pro Full Version is that this product comes out from Microsoft which is the most reliable brand of software. In addition, product has some characteristics which provide support to run efficient system. Microsoft XP Pro Full Version is a multitasking operating system and allows its users to switch between different applications. Secondly, it has quick delete function and deleting occurs by clearing the NTFS. buy coursework online by best writers

As far as Application software is concerned there is need of advanced internet browsers, and other desktop application such as Microsoft Office. However, there are number of internet browser available with complex functions and facility. Safari is the most efficient and most used Internet browsers in educational institutes therefore considering other benefits such as Safari operates with basic look and feel and makes an easy and efficient browser to operate, Safari will be proposed for this networking.  Microsoft Office is widely used desktop application with number of applications such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint for this networking Microsoft Office 2010 is proposed. Hire thesis writing help by well-versed experts

The reason to install Microsoft Office 2010 is that it is newest application and has refreshed functions and looks. The performance of Ms 2010 is improved and annoyances of earlier versions have been replaced with upgraded performance. Order term paper writing service online

Overview of the OSI Model

OSI model provides a network protocol design divided into seven layers namely Physical layer,  Data Link layer, Network layer, Transport layer, Session layer, Presentation layer and Application layer.

Layer 1: Physical Layer

Physical layer of OSI refers to bit-level transmission between network nodes and mainly includes connector types, cable types, voltages, and pin-outs. For developing Star networking typology there is need of Category 5 cable (twisted pair high signal integrity cable). This cable is used with Ethernet card to carry out the signals such as telephony signals.

Layer 2: Data Link Layer

The Data Link Layer refers to communications between adjacent network nodes. This is operated by Hubs and switches. For supporting proposed networking design Ethernet card is required to build connection between central and administration and staff. The network of staff and administration is further connected to student network. 

Layer 3: Network

The Network Layer refers to establishing paths for data transfer through the network. This includes operation of routers at the Network Layer.

Layer 4: Transport

The Transport refers to delivering messages between networked hosts. For creating networking TCP / IP will be installed automatically. For this purpose Windows Server 2003 setup process is run.

Layer 5: Session

The Session refers to establishing process-to-process communications between networked hosts including RPC, Named Pipes and NETBIOS.

Layer 6: Presentation

The Presentation refers to defining the syntax which two network hosts use to communicate. Encryption and compression is the Presentation Layer functions of the system network. HTTP is the presentation type for this system network. 

Layer 7: Application

The Application refers to providing end-user services, such as file transfers, electronic messaging, e-mail, terminal access, and network system management. The end-user service for proposed network system is composed of Telnet application. 

Hardware Requirement for Networking

The LAN networking proposed here is wired networking system. The hardware required to implement this network is as follows: repeater telecom, bridge telecom, router telecom, hub telecom, switch telecom and gateway telecom. Assignment Service UK provides professional cv writing service

Through repeater telecom input digital signal can be reshaped and amplified. Bridge telecom will be used for interconnecting links in a circuit, by reading the destination address of incoming message forwarding to the next link in the direction of the target device. Router telecom will be used to manage the network as a whole. Through using router path is established determining the route for a given call. Hub telecom will be used for interconnecting all devices on LAN. Switch telecom will establish and maintain logical connections over physical circuits. Switch telecom connects transmitters and receivers across networks of interconnected links and thus network resources can be shared by large numbers of end users. Gateway telecom is node and will be used to interconnect more disparate networks while serving as a protocol converter. Get cheap article writing services on just one click

Ethernet Switches are required to for connecting end systems to the network therefore EX2200 Ethernet Switches will be used as the EX2200 line of Ethernet switches are ideal for access-layer deployments in campus networks, and provides a level of functionality and performance usually associated with higher-cost Ethernet switches. Buy book review writing from experts.

Logical Diagram of New Network Environment

The design of network consists of two type of typology: Start and partially hierarchical typology. There are three two levels of networking will be established: Administration and Staff and secondly student network. Staff and administration network will directly be connected to Central location whereas student network is connected to Administration and Staff network. Thus student network is actually connected to Central location and can be operated by central location but in actual it is part of staff and administration networking and student networking will be shared by administration and staff. 

The logical diagram of how this network will be established with computer is given below:


The main and central location of networking is developed using DSL MODEM, switches and firewalls and administration and staff systems are connected with central system. Student system will share from the administration and staff networking. However, student system is not directly connected with central networking system it is operated through second level of networking. 

Cost, Benefit and Security Discussion

The part of the report presents a coherent argument of the cost, benefit and security and utility values associated with the installation of proposed networking. 

Hardware Cost for LAN Installation

There is need of three Ethernet cables which will cost£179.76. Other equipment required including twisted pair fiber. Twisted pair fiber will cost£29.99. In contrast to benefits avail from having LAN the overall cost is lower. The benefits of implementing such networking are that data can be transmitted from central location to administration and Staff networking. Moreover, the transmitted data can be used and shared with students. Thus, there is less cost of developing networking for building connection between administration and Staff networking.  Such LAN design structure can provide facility to transmit data with teacher and student and even with administration such as important announcement from administration and so on. Creating two level of networking will also ease the burden from the central location and increasing the possibility to attach more computer system with student network in future. Thus main network is divided into two logical groups called subnets. The centralized data storage in this network can share data with administration and staff network keeping backups of data and information. Security offered under proposed network system allows to access college data only to teachers and Administration while student can share data with certain restriction defined by the system. Thus, this system ensures the data protection not only with keeping backups but also providing restricted data access. This LAN networking system offers low cost operating system as it provides the printer hardware facility to administration and staff while using hardware networking. Shared use of printer and other storage devices saves the other cost and time of students and staff members. Similarly, Internet service is designed to provide to both levels of networks by using share resources.


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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