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Assignment of Persuasion through Rhetoric: Common Techniques

Rhetoric persuasion that can be explained as linguistic techniques is widely used by news channels in the broadcasting the news to influence specific beliefs and behaviors of audience. How two different television news channels give news coverage and broadcast the news, this paper aims to evaluate three news coverage broadcasted on two different channels i.e. national and satellite. The news channels watched for the paper are CNN and ABC news. Three news coverage watched were about Norway incident, U.S. debt crisis and case of the woman accused of cutting her husband’s penis. Get professional writing help from experts.

In the first news about Norway incident, great differences were observed between two channels. The similarity was about the fact and figure conveyed as information such as’80 dead in Norway’, while the linguistic style of national television news channel was more hostile than satellite channel. Moreover, the selection of words were comparatively aimed at conveying different message because satellite channel CNN reported the news about Norway incident as a riot expressing state of tension while ABC news channel a national television channel used words like Norway Terrorist Attacks, that rather seemed expressing the state of panicky. You can buy dissertation online.

Besides, other differences were based on the airtime allocated for coverage. On the news coverage about Norway incident, CNN prepared newscast of around 15 minutes while same news was broadcasted by ABC news 25 minutes. Moreover, there was clear indication of the slant of news presentation of both news channels, as CNN presented the news more likely to make the people aware of the incident because the focus of the coverage was to beware the news audience of such incidents. ABC news channel, on the other hand, presented the news to show diverse attitude, as newscaster was repeatedly using the words‘who is responsible for the incident’ and‘how this incident occurred’. Although, at some points. CNN was more like making a point of view as it covered the news saying‘panic on island’. Nonetheless, the linguistic style of the newscaster for conveying the news sound more like exaggeration, the repetition and words that were manipulative reduced the credibility of the news, such as the CNN covered the news partially in investigative style while ABC news covered the news in imposing style. Buy marketing assingment writing help by Assignment Service UK.


Other news coverage about US debt crisis, CNN gave the coverage to news for 20 minutes while ABC news dedicated 15 minutes. The similarity between two channels was based on the facts being delivered such as US government is to take imitative to deal with the national debt crisis. The major differences were based on the linguistic style used by both channels, as CNN more emphasized on having option for dealing with the debt crisis while ABC news emphasized on the failure of deal about debt ceiling talk between politicians. The news presentations style of ABC news channel was based on the covered side of the news stories, struggling to reveal the truth about the coverage. The news presentation style of CNN, on the other hand, was more likely to make the news audience aware of the event occurring and development being made in the area. The credibility of the news was affected by revealing the facts uncovered by other news channels, such as CNN did not mention anything about failure of the debt negotiations while ABC news shed the light on the failure of the negotiation to deal with the crisis. Buy essay writing services UK.

Other news story watched was about woman accused of cutting her husband’s penis. Both channels comparatively gave equal airtime for the story. There was similarity between the news coverage of both channels about the facts and figure conveying such as CNN and ABC told that the woman accused of cutting her husband’s penis has been bailed at $1 million. Moreover, the information about the crime and charges were similar and there was no as such huge difference of the coverage style, as both channels shed the light on the social tragedy occurred in the California. The presentation style of both channels was focused on the increased social crime and factors leading to criminal condition. Overall, there was nothing as such biased linguistic style used by either of the channel. buy coursework online by expert writers.

After evaluating three news coverage of two different channels for the linguistic and presentation approach adopted, it can be concluded that both news channels selected these three-news coverage as their cover story due to their impact on political as well as social scenario. Moreover, the selection of the content was hostile and alarming to create panic in the society or to persuade the audience to watch their broadcast again. Acquire experienced thesis writing online by well-versed experts

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