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Beauty Imagery for Advertising versus Editorial

Media and communication have emerged as the revolutionary power in terms of controlling the audiences’ mind (Kelley& Jugenheimer, 2008). In spite of great development and progress observed in the electronic media, paper media including newspapers and magazines are yet in great power to capture the attention of millions through attractive advertising and editorials images (Sissors et al., 2010). Due to considerable effects of beautiful imagery of advertising, paper media is very much able to gain the maximum share in the communication market. The paper media is able to do this because of attractive advertising shown in the paper; however, editorials are also part of paper, they are different in nature of their photography due to which, advertisings possess rather important place in paper media (Shimp, 2008). Get professional assignment writing help form experts of Assignment Service UK.


With regard to beauty imagery of advertising versus editorial, great difference has been found between these two genres of images present in the paper. Editorial imagery is only used to show what would be shown in the magazine; on the other hand, advertising aims to sell the products or brands (Shimp, 2000). The reason why advertisings more composed of beautiful images than editorials is that advertising must look attractive in relation to selling the products, conversely, editorials sell mood and the situation of the product. In addition, the advertisings are used with the core purpose of marketing the product or brand whereas editorials are used as the symbols of lifestyle, which needs not to attract the consumers with the perception of adopting the lifestyle (Kelley& Jugenheimer, 2008). Acquire experienced dissertation writing help by well-versed writers


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