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‘The Ways Technology Ended Physical and Intellectual Isolation of Americans’


Advancements in technology have changed the way people interacted and communicated in past (McClellan & Dorn, 2006). The invention of internet and World Wide Web has made it easy for individual to interact with other people from different culture. Countries, which were deemed as physically and intellectually isolated nation in past, are also able to interact with other people around the world (Selwyn, 2003). Invention of advance transport means has also enabled people to travel within few hours and this technology has removed the physical isolation for isolated countries. These have affected the America in the form of elimination of physical and intellectual isolation. Assignment Service UK

Physical and Intellectual Isolation of Americans

In past, the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans had been regarded as isolated nation with little interaction with other countries due to its geographical location. This isolated geographical location of the country had led it to undergo with intellectual isolation due to lack of access to sufficient knowledge (Bimber, 2001). Moreover, lack of cultural interaction and communication of Americans with other culture had been rare, as there were scarcity of resources to travel around the world. Lack of interaction of Americans has long been associated with stagnant society in America, as people did not have access to advance technology or they were not able to afford the technology (Bowles, 2011). This, altogether, has created the impression on other part of people that Americans are physically and intellectually isolated. Hire dissertation help online by well-versed writers

Emergence of Technology on the Land of America

America, since its emergence, has continuously strived as a growing nation in all aspects. The innovation inventions occurring on the land of America has provided it with opportunity to inspire the individual from other part of the world (Cross & Szostak, 2005). Historically, different aspects of American are highlighted but extraordinary positive impact of technology on the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans has always been neglected. With the commencement of technology, such as communication and transport, it has been observed that Americans and people from other part of the world can easily travel and interact with people from other culture. Buy essay writing help in UK

Technology Ending the Physical and Intellectual Isolation of Americans

Technology has been found ending the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans by making them meet with the people and cultures of other nations around the world (Bowles, 2011). However, this does not indicate that people in America are close to each other. Rather, it shows the role of technology, which has permitted them to eliminate this physical and intellectual isolation. The advancement made in the areas of technology has allowed the information as well as Americans to travel longer, and farther distances (Cross & Szostak, 2005). News or any occurrence that would take weeks and months to reach to destination now is accessed in few clicks within seconds. The long distance travelling that would require months or years now could be travelled in few hours. This advancement in technology has also enabled the Americans to travel across the world in few days while allowing them to expand the area of their knowledge and learning by picking ideas from other culture to add in their culture and this could happen only due to availability of technology (McClellan & Dorn, 2006). Get help with assignment writing by Assignment Service UK

Role of Communication Technology in Ending the Physical and Intellectual Isolation of Americans

In eliminating the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans, there is great role of communication technology. The advances made in the venue of communication technology revolutionized the life of Americans in terms of allowing them interacting and communicating with people in other part of the world (McClellan & Dorn, 2006). The invention of television and radio was the pioneer of this advancement, which greatly changed the exchange of information into immediate transmission of information. This further reduced the time of waiting and gave enough time to react to the delivered information. This development in communication technology was helpful in different venues of professional and personal life of Americans (Cross & Szostak, 2005). Buy thesis writing help

Role of Transport Technology in Ending the Physical and Intellectual Isolation of Americans

The great development in the transportation technologies also allowed Americans to move from one place to another place especially across the oceans. Easy access to advance transportation means enabled Americans to improve the logistics and supply chain within their organization and this helped them in expanding their businesses around the world (Bowles, 2011). Not only this, they were also able to travel around the world with the purpose to meet people living in other part of the world and exploring the cultures for learning new things. Get cheap coursework writing service on just one click


This paper studied and discussed the ways technology has ended the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans by allowing them to travel and communicate even from long distance. Technology has been found serving the Americans with accessing the knowledge and information while travelling around the world. Additionally, easy availability to technology has revolutionized the lives of Americans by enabling them explore different parts of world and different cultures to learn. Hire term paper assistance online


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