Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement of Assignment Service UK refers to legal document containing specific set of practices exercised by the Company in relation to protection of visitors and customer’s information. At Assignment Service UK, your privacy is highly respected and therefore this document aims at declaring the ways Assignment Service UK makes the use of personal information of customer and visitor.

Using General Information

All general information that you share or automatically gathered upon visiting our website or using the services is stored in a secured and dynamic database. This information involves your personal information, credit card information, your IP address, operating system, and your browser. The purpose to store the information is to improve the interactivity and functionality of the website so that a better communicative medium can be developed between users and the company. In order to ensure the security and protection to information, we strictly prohibit the access of any non-concern party and do not allow anyone to leak, sell, or abuse them.

Dealing with Personal Information

Whether you are inquiring or placing order, you will be asked to prove your identity, for which you have to provide us with your name, emailing ID, address, and phone number. Your personal information provided at any stage is used for your individual identification and communication purpose only. We deal with your personal information very carefully and do not pass it to non-concern party.

Managing Credit Card Information

While placing your order and using our service, you will be required to make the payment for the service via online transaction. For this purpose, you will be required to input your credit card information. Credit card information includes name of credit card holder, credit card number, expiry date of your credit card, and country where credit card issued. We save the information in our database for future reference. We ensure protection of your credit card information, as information is stored in well-secured and well-protected database and do not sell to any non-concern party.

Using Automatically Collected Information

No sooner do you visit our website, information concerning your IP address, internet browser, and operating system is tracked with the help of web server. This information is particularly taken for statistics as well as analytics. Since the information is collected automatically, therefore, we give extra care for its protection.

Use of Cookies& Confidentiality Measures

Cookies are small text based files, which are used for identifying the remote computer. When you visit our website, cookies are automatically saved in your system. When you access our website again, we find your previous visit on our website. Information gathered via cookies are used only for analytics purpose. In order to ensure confidentiality of information, we store the information in secured database.

Change in Privacy Statement

Assignment Service UK possesses the right to change whole privacy statement or some part of the statement with or without notifying you. For any loss caused by the change in the privacy statement, the Company is not legally responsible. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to visit our privacy statement page now and then to avoid any inconvenience.

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